Official Press Release (2 pages) Jan 28, 2017, 2:00pm U.S. Pacific Time

2016 Most Famous Award Winner Maya Pop Releases New Song

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 28, 2017 ~ Unicorn Holding Inc. announced that 15-year-old Romanian singer Maya Pop, 2016 global winner of both the Biggest Talent Contest and the Most Famous Award, has released a new song. As a part of her grand prize, “Real Love” has been professionally recorded and produced in Las Vegas.

Already picked up by various online radio stations where music fans have put the tune on their favorite playlists, the song "Real Love" was written and produced by internationally acclaimed producer Vudis of Lithuania.

"As expected, Maya's fast-rising career has skyrocketed into international orbit," said Dan Settgast, CEO of Unicorn Holding Inc., “we are proud that our global talent contest is such a huge success.”

The annual Biggest Talent Contest is produced by Most Famous Inc., a company of the Unicorn Network (www.Unicorn.Network), the operations division of Unicorn Holding Inc. (www.UnicornHolding.Online).

To hear "Real Love," visit the competition's Website,, where talents from all countries can register to perform in the 2017 Biggest Talent Contest. The national winners will represent their countries in the final rounds of the contest, and the Top 8 artists will be invited to perform live on stage at the grand Final Show, taking place June 25, 2017 in Las Vegas, when the Biggest Talent 2017 will be determined.

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