Official Press Release (2 pages) Jan 17, 2017, 2:00pm U.S. Pacific Time

Unicorn Holding Company Launches Public Website

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 17, 2017 ~ Heralded as the "World's Biggest Project," Unicorn Holding Inc. has launched its first official Website for consumers, members and business partners worldwide.

"Continually achieving our focused objective of 'Magically Changing the World,' this exciting development comes as fantastic news to our many thousands of active participants," said Dan Settgast, CEO of Unicorn Holding Inc.. Its premiere corporate-level online venue is "We are excited to reveal that our 10-year-old company will continue providing consumers with 'All the Nice Stuff, Without the Bad Stuff.'"

In a related development, Settgast announced that Unicorn Holding Inc has renamed various sub-companies:

Unicorn Network Inc: The operations division directly under Unicorn Holding is an Oregon corporation, renamed this week from Perfect Internet Inc.

Unicorn Foundation: This Las Vegas based charity provides financial assistance to charitable organizations worldwide. The foundation was recently renamed, formerly known as Wazzub Charity Funds.

"As our loyal international membership continues to grow, the Unicorn Holding Website will serve as the vital and essential go-to online venue for people who value the important cutting-edge information, services, and products that our Company and Sub-companies provide," Settgast said.

In keeping with a Company motto, "We Share, Because We Care," joining Unicorn Holding Inc's online projects is always free. The Unicorn Network has members on every continent except Antarctica.

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